Digital Strategy

Why do I need a Digital Strategy?

Having a strategy or marketing plan can help you grow your business and utilise the best online marketing tools to reach the customers that are looking for your products or services. Many businesses carry out digital marketing activities without a plan or strategy and although they may be successful in increasing revenue or acquiring new customers, they find it difficult to measure performance and know what they are trying to achieve.

We work closely with you to select digital platforms and technology that align with your requirements and your overall business strategy. We create clear, bespoke digital strategies for our clients, this isn’t just a process that we push you through, it must be right for you and your business and has to be deliverable.

The digital strategy process involves our experienced team auditing your online presence to understand how your website is currently performing. The results of this audit, along with competitor, customer and industry research, allows us to develop a plan to help you achieve your business objectives.

The output of the digital strategy process often involves a 12-month action plan that aims to build long-term success. This plan encapsulates all areas of digital and allows you to know what we will be working on each month and also what we might need from you.

Without a digital strategy:

  • You’re working aimlessly, so you’re unlikely to have business goals or put enough resources into achieving these goals or even know if you are achieving these goals.
  • Your competitors will take up market share as you’re probably not devoting enough resources into digital marketing, allowing others to gain their share.
  • You won’t know your online customers well enough if you haven’t invested time in getting to know them through the audit phase of a digital strategy.
  • You marketing activities are unlikely to be working in sync, we develop fully integrated marketing strategies.
  • You’re probably not optimising your website in the way that it should be, a detailed digital strategy will identify key areas which need optimising, following on from a thorough website audit.

Creating a digital strategy doesn’t have to be a long-winded task, in fact we suggest that you keep it as succinct and straight forward as possible.

We develop digital strategies for growth and improvement, we pass on our expertise to our clients. If this sounds what you’re looking for then feel free to get in touch.

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