Web Design

Your website may be the first time that a potential customer finds you, so it’s important that your website creates a great first impression. That’s makes sense….right? But how do you achieve it in practice?

There are a great many factors to take into consideration when designing a website and in our experience design must work alongside web development and digital marketing for a project to be truly successful. Ideally your digital strategy will inform your design with details about your audience, your brand, marketplace as well as amongst other things your key services/products.

Your site needs to look good, BUT more importantly your design should:

  • Genuinely promote who you are and what you do
  • Help your customers navigate and find what they are looking for
  • Make it easy for your customers to buy, get something (brochure, fact sheet) and/or request more information
  • Deliver the right content in the right place at the right time
  • Serve up relevant and true imagery and media alongside original content
  • Be responsive – work well across devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops..
  • Do all the above whilst balancing speed and performance

Some of the design services we offer are:

  • Website design
  • Email marketing/newsletter design
  • Marketing campaign pages/micro sites
  • Social media banners
  • Website banner adverts
  • Video production
  • App design
  • Branding and logo creation
  • Story telling and content creation

We work with many very talented designers, copywriters, film/video producers, branding and logo professionals with vast experience across many industries, so we can select the best team for your project.

If you need assistance with a design project, please contact us for an informal chat.