Five Quick Tips on Improving Your Website    

We’ve put together a quick list (it’s not exhaustive) of things you should consider for your website, whether you are looking to improve an existing site or create a new one. We will be diving deeper into each area in more detail in upcoming blog posts, for now we hope these quick tips help!


Your website could be the first place your potential clients see or hear about you, and making an impression really does matter if you want to attract that dream client.  How you portray your business identity and personality tells a story of what clients can expect from you and why they should choose to work / buy from you rather than a competitor. That’s enormously powerful so you need to get it right.

Take the time and work with a professional to create a strong brand that grabs attention, is right for your audience and has all the elements of a brand that you can be really proud to show off.


Get busy with a content strategy for your business to gain exposure and recognition for your brand, you’ve already worked on your brand identity and now is the time to make it work for you.  A content and distribution strategy will help you to focus on key areas that need new content creation for best results and will help you to distinguish what type of content is required to promote your brand versus promoting your products or services and not forgetting the best way to distribute that content to the right audience at the right time.

Calls to Action

You’ve got a secure website, new branding, and some seriously fabulous content, so how can you encourage visitors to your website to take the next step and get in touch?  CTAs is short for Call to Actions, they can take the shape of a variety of different actions, depending on the goal of the content on the page.  Their job is to convert a visitor or user into a lead for your sales team, by asking them to sign up to your newsletter so they get something useful in return such as downloading a free copy or getting a money off code. Or it could be a simple ‘call us now’ or find out more action.

Easy Navigation

Often overlooked, how visitors to your website navigate around and find what they are looking for is critical to the success of your site.  Your website navigation must direct visitors to the various pages and information on your site easily. Not only does it encourage visitors to stay, peruse your content for longer, it also underpins a positive user experience, which subsequently leads to brand loyalty and increased sales for your business.

Securing your website 

Secure your website with an SSL certificate to add better security.

A site using HTTP shows a warning that it is not secure:

This will deter visitors to your site

A site that uses HTTPS displays a padlock to show it is secure:

This shows that your site is secure

This minor change is a great way to inform search engines like Google and Bing and importantly visitors to your website that your site is safe and secure. It doesn’t matter whether your website is selling goods or services or is an information site, securing your site with HTTPS means that you are encrypting user’s information and preventing their data being stolen.

  • It protects your user’s privacy and security.
  • It protects the integrity of your website.
  • Futureproofs your website.
  • Google will discourage customers from visiting your website by displaying a prominent ‘Not secure’ warning.

Read more about this on our blog post

If you’d like help with any of the above or perhaps you have a problem with your online marketing or website?

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